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What are digital approaches to fine arts?

What are digital approaches to fine arts?  Is it simply altering a picture using a photo-editing program such as Photoshop or Gimp?  Is it using technology as a crutch in the field of art?  Being a person who is not so technology-inclined it is often quite an experience.  In the past I have thought of it as a cheat for those who could not create art in a way that they found pleasing to the eye.  After being exposed to Photoshop and other digital art applications available through open-source (Gimp) I have come to appreciate that making art through digital means has as many challenges as those faced through traditional means.

There is definitely a learning curve that exists, and when it comes to photo-editing and the like you definitely have to have something to start with before you begin.  Before applying any effects such as contrast, saturation, or color change you must have a good composition to begin with or any computer effects that you would use would be akin to ‘beating a dead horse’ as they say.  But Digital Media are more than just editing tools, they can be used to create art from scratch as well; many artists work exclusively using tablets and Photoshop as their artistic approach.  In this case you have to know, as an artist, what you want to get out of a work before you can get the most out of the computer to achieve the desired result.  The main thing to remember is that technology is a tool, and can be used just like traditional materials, pencils, paint, etc. to create and requires just as much talent and know-how.

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