John Blatter received a BFA in Sculpture from the Ohio State University, and an MFA in Sculpture from VCU.   He has had solo exhibitions as well as participated in group collaborative efforts in the United States and Internationally.  He even has collections in MOMA.  Blatters work centers around sculpture, sound, and video.

Bored of One (2005) consists of six individual speakers surrounding an empty table, resembling a boardroom discussion.  The voices (recordings of himself) discuss Blatter’s importance within the corporation and I think this lends to a discussion about the importance of the identity of the artist in a work of art.  Blatter incorporates a lot of himself into his pieces, for me this helps to make the pieces a lot deeper in meaning and a lot more personal and interesting to think about.  In Diary (2004), John presents a simple installation of a diary sitting on a shelf.  The audio that plays is Blatter himself reading parts of passages.  This gives the piece one of the most personal views possible and the effect would not be lost even if I found out that these passages are not real.  The personal part of his art is very endearing, because so much of our society hides their true selves and his art has a certain openness that will surely draw viewers in.  John Blatter incorporates other people in his work, Movements is a 44-piece audio installation produced from stories that John collected from a variety of people.

I really love John Blatter’s work; I think it’s really interesting and also personal which helps to drawing the viewer in.  The sculptural elements that he incorporates are on the whole very clean-cut and simplistic which does not distract from the audio and helps his pieces to be balanced in the variety of different media elements that they employ.