Nam June Paik is a Korean-born American artist who is considered to be the first video artist.  He is very well-known for his installation pieces many of which involve televisions, an exploration of the media.  In 1974 Nam June Paik used the term “super highway” in application to telecommunications, which gave rise to the opinion that he may have been the author of the phrase “information superhighway.”  He has been quoted with saying,

Skin has become inadequate in interfacing with reality. Technology has become the body’s new membrane of existence.


installation view Modulation in Sync: Jacob’s Ladder, 2000

“The Worlds of Nam June Paik”

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York 2000

A series of buddha’s watching themselves on a television screen as a reference to the effect of media.

Philips Consumer Electronics Deutschland

“Electronic Art” , Nam June Paik, “Turtle”

Internationalen Funkausstellung, Berlin, 1993

TV Cello

The More the Better, (1988) Three channel video installation with 1,003 monitors and steel structure; color, sound; approx. 60 ft. high.

Several Installations incorporate TV’s in the forms of robots

I really enjoyed Paik’s pieces, they are very visually pleasing and some of them are so large that being able to see them in person would be a real treat.  The statement he makes about people and the media has been used by many artists after him probably due to it’s prevalence in our lives today.  His combinations of sculpture and the ability to project images make his works both visually stimulating and magnify the communication of the message.