Stephen Vitiello is a visual and sound artist who was originally a punk guitarist.  He is an installation artist that is particularly interested in the physical aspect of sound and its potential to define the form and atmosphere of a spatial environment.” He collaborates with many visual artists in order to form a variety of pieces with different visual and sound elements.


In the 1999 work, “Winds After Hurricane Flloyd,” Stephen Vitiello recorded the World Trade Center creaking after the hurricane.

One of his most recent works “A Bell for Every Minute” where he sampled bell sounds from throughout New York City’s five boroughs, 59 bells in all layered into one room-filling sound in the High Line installation.

In his Project “Four Color Sound,” Vitello accompanies audio with choreographed lighting effects





“Something Like Fireworks” incorporated Sound and Lighting Design in collaboration with Jeremy Choate.

I really enjoy Stephen Vitiello’s installation pieces because of their integration of both visual and sound elements and the way he cooperates with other artists to produce them.