Bill Viola is a video and installation artist.  Born in 1951, His work focuses on universal human themes including birth, death, and overall conciousness. “Viola uses video to explore the phenomena of sense perception as an avenue to self-knowledge.”  His work has influenced much in the area of electronic, image, and sound technology in “New Media.”

Contained in the series “Buried Secrets is one of Viola’s best known works, “The Greeting,” an interpretation of “The Visitation” by Pontormo.  This Video is done in slow motion in order to enhance the emotionality of the piece.

The Greeting

In his video “The Reflecting Pool,” Viola stops a man jumping in midair while the reflecting pool continues to be undisturbed and the reflections of figures can be seen in it while the man gradually fades away after which a man emerges from the pool.

The Reflecting Pool

I really enjoy the artwork of Bill Viola.  The subjects he explores are interesting ones that would apply to a wide variety of people and the way he executes it is very clean and consistant.