Jenny Holzer was born in 1950 and as an artist deals with using words and ideas in relation to space.  She attended Ohio University (BA), RISD (MFA), and an independent study program at the Whitney museum of American Art.  She was originally an abstract artist and a painting and only began using text in her work in 1977.  She makes use of projections to translate ideas onto real space.

Her most famous work is “Truisms” in which she compiled a series of aphorisms and made them public in a series of different ways, including street posters, phone booths and LED billboards.  Much of her work deals in projections onto buildings and city-scapes.

Jenny Holzer Projections

I really enjoyed the work of Jenny Holzer, it’s a really interesting idea that conveys a message to many people at once.  Because of the large scale of the projects, the intensity of the message is magnified.